traditional painted shaker kitchen – light blue with prosecco

  • Manufacturer: Mereway (Town & Country Collection – Contemporary Shaker – Bridgwater)
  • Worktop: Quartz (White 30mm)

Kitchen from the Mereway Town and Country collection with doors from the Modern Shaker Bridgwater range. The units are painted with a mix of Dainty Blue and Prosecco and the unit interiors are in Lancaster Oak. Quartz 30mm worktop in white with wooden bar top on one end in Spectra End Grain.

Lovely traditional kitchen with all the superb craftsmanship that Mereway are renowned for.  The larder interior and shelving across the back has been chosen by this customer to house crockery making it functional for everyday use as well looking beautiful. This painted range is available in a variety of colours to suit your personal tastes.