We offer range of shaker and inframe styles:


We offer a variety of shaker kitchens styles from the traditional style through to a more contemporary take on the shaker style.

Everyone is different when it comes to designing their perfect kitchen and shaker kitchens offer a wealth of unique features and painted colours that can be combined to create your individual look. We offer ranges from UK and European suppliers to ensure we find the right style for you. Broadly speaking there are two main styles:

Smooth painted shaker – the smooth look and feel of these doors provide a modern take on the traditional kitchen. An understated yet refined feel.

Woodgrain shaker – sophisticated classic style, combining simplicity and functionality for a truly timeless look.

Within each main style, there are different variations of doors available and a wide range of colours available. Some examples of what we can offer are shown below.

Smooth painted shaker:

Woodgrain shaker:


We also offer traditional inframe kitchens in smooth or woodgrain finishes. We offer a selection of different doors and colours.

An In-Frame Kitchen is constructed so that cabinet front is inset within a wooden frame. The frame provides additional strength as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Traditionally all kitchens were manufactured in this way before technological advances led to the development of more modern kitchen designs which are ‘frame-less’.

For those looking at having a traditional shaker kitchen, an in-frame design is especially appealing as it aligns with the more traditional method of the cabinet doors sitting within a beautiful frame.

The use of solid wood and the use of a frame for the cabinet both provide greater strength and durability. The overall look is simple, elegant and timeless.