Choosing a kitchen isn’t just about the colour or style of door you have. It’s important to understand how you use your kitchen and understand potential space constraints that there may be. There are a variety of different types of units that we can offer with different storage solutions for better organisation and easier access to your kitchenware and food. Here are some of the most popular storage solutions features we offer:

Lemans corner units

Shaped like the classic racetrack, these pull-out carousels ensure you can always reach what’s at the back of your corner unit.


Larder/Pantry Units

We have a range of different options for larder units from simple pull out units, coffee centres, pocket doors and pantries. Some examples are show below:


Passage doors

Tall units can be designed into your kitchen which is actually a passage door concealing an additional space behind it such as a walk-in pantry, utility room, home office etc.


Utility cupboards and units

We have specialised units for storing your cleaning and utility items. Being able to reach those items easily makes it much easier to keep your kitchen and home looking beautiful. 

Roller shutter units

Similar to a dresser unit that sits on your worktop but rather than having a door that opens outwards, the unit has a roller door that opens upwards and into the unit. These units offer lots of storage and can be convenient where there are space constraints as there is no door opening outwards. They are also excellent for keeping small appliances like toasters and coffee machines out of sight yet easily accessible.

Internal drawers

Pull out drawers behind the front of a unit are incredibly useful. Thinks like ingredients don’t get lost at the back of cupboards and it makes it much easier to keep things organised.


Integrated bin units

Many customers opt for integrated bin units in their kitchens. As well hiding your bin out of sight, there are lots of different options available for the number of compartments you have so you can separate your recyclable waste as you go. A couple of examples of what we offer are shown below:


We have a number of different shelving styles available across the brands we use. Shelving can be a design piece as well as providing valuable storage.


Drawer boxes

Organise your cutlery, crockery, knives, equipment and provisions and make the most of your space. With a variety of different options available, you can find the one that suits you and how you will use your kitchen best. 


Door racks

You can add door racks to your units to help you organise your kitchen more efficiently. Some of these include racks to organise your spices, pans lids, cooking oils, other ingredients etc.


How we can help:

We’d love to help create your dream kitchen for you. We have a showroom in Exeter highlighting all that we have to offer, please feel free to come and visit us or please give contact us on 01392 824888 or at We’ll talk through your project with you to understand your requirements and timeline and work on a design for you.

A range of completed projects can also be found here if you’d also like to see some recent ‘real-life’ examples of our work.