A Neolith worktop is becoming a more popular choice for the kitchens we create for our customers.

What is Neolith?

Neolith is a man-made stone product formed by combining granite compounds, natural oxides, glass, and silica minerals under extreme heat and pressure. The result is one of the most resilient surfaces available.

Benefits of Neolith

Neolith is lightweight, durable and versatile. Because it is formed under high pressure and temperature (sintering), it is extremely heat-resistant and will not burn if hot dishes are placed directly on it or fade in the sun.

The sintering process also means it is a very dense product and therefore has low porosity. As such it is waterproof, stain-resistant, resistant to damage from chemical and hygienic – ideal for the kitchen.

Neolith worktop – colours and patterns

By mixing in different combinations of various resins, material and pigments, a wide range of colours and patterns are available across the Neolith range. Below are some pictures of some of the options available (Krater, Zaha Stone, Retrostone, New York, Mar Del Plata and Amazonico).

We have a range on display in our showroom and love the range of patterns that this fantastic material offers.

We’d love to help create your dream kitchen for you. We have a showroom in Exeter highlighting all that we have to offer, please feel free to come and visit us or please give contact us on 01392 824888 or at studio@dekorkitchens.co.uk.

A range of completed projects can also be found here.