Leicht Bossa Door – Real wood fronts re-imagined

The vivid linear vertical lines offered by the new Leicht Bossa door from Dekor Kitchens offers a sophisticated and luxurious look. Available in dark walnut or light oak, this can be matched with a variety of other colours and textures to offer a truly unique design statement.

High-quality real wood fronts in oak or walnut veneer are given a special texture – protruding, linear ridges, 7.5 mm wide with a gap of 5 mm between each ridge. This results in a delicate, extremely vital, three-dimensional look.

Complete cladding of the handle-less kitchen run and the adjoining units with the new BOSSA programme is an architectural statement that makes no compromises in terms of function or aesthetics. All equipment as well as storage space solutions are concealed behind the expressive BOSSA front making it possible to style large areas in a completely homogeneous manner and thus create a uniform, perfectly shaped look.

BOSSA can also be used individually (as units or cladding) beyond the cooking area in living rooms, halls, stairwells and other areas; there are almost no limits to its use in interior design.

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